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Emeraid Capital provides a variety of consultancy services around financial inclusion, microfinance and MSME. Our services include Institutional Capacity Building, Financial Literacy, Digital Financial Services, Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA), Business Development Services (BDS).

We also offer enterprise-wide consultancy services to regulated and non-regulated MFIs. Specifically, we do registration and set-up, business plan and strategy development, policy documents, standard operating procedures, software deployment, training and capacity building.

Our services include the following:

Emeraid pride itself as the only certified Microvision consultants in Nigeria. Microvision is a new standard for making projections for microfinance institutions. The tool enables MFIs to make five years financial projections. MFIs obtain forecasts of their financial statements as well as financial and social performance indicators.

The tool provides a general framework for strategic and operational planning, but it also simulates the impact of different parameters on the MFI’s overall activity. The projections made through Microvision are, therefore, an essential and valuable contribution to the MFI’s business plan.

MFIs that are worried and uncertain about the future of their business need not worry any more. At Emeraid Capital, we specialize in assessing the institutional capacity and viability of MFIs and turn them around to operate sustainably. We support MFIs to develop policy documents such as enterprise risk management framework, corporate governance framework, human resource policy, standard operating procedures, process mapping, new product development, go-to-market strategy and many more.

Training: Emeraid Capital provide tailor-made training for microfinance institutions and banks in all areas of operation. We also offer regular training for small groups. Our flagship training programme is “Financial and Ratio Analysis for MFIs/MFBs.”

Coaching: There comes a time when an MFI need some technical competences to take off or move to the next level, but the cost of hiring a professional as a full-time staff is just unthinkable. Emeraid Capital bridges that gap by providing handholding services through those trying period at an affordable fee.

Emeraid Capital specializes in the deployment of cloud-based, low-cost microfinance application for efficient MFI operations, client data management, cost reduction, effective monitoring of enterprise-wide performance. Features of the Microfinance Software includes.